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Easy ski touring: itineraries for beginners

Are you ski touring and off-track beginners? You don't know which itinerary to choose for your next ski day?

Would you like to explore easy and safe tracks?

Here are some tips for you to choose the right itineraries to begin your ski touring adventures.

corso di scialpinismo Dolomiti Alpine Vibes

in this article we talk to those who are ski touring beginners and start to approach this sport for the first time.

Let's start by saying that ski touring, like many other mountain activities, need more than a blog or a video tutorial to be practiced safely. Getting in touch with an Alpine Guide is always the best option from a technical and safety point of view.

"It's through fieldwork experience that we learn how to move around in the mountains fast, but it's necessary to do it with awareness and carefully"

For those of you who want to approach this sport, the best recommendation is to enrol in a course. Alpine Vibes offers three-days courses focused on teaching participants to be independent while planning their trips and during their adventures. We also offer one-day courses where you can see whethere you like this activity. On our website and Facebook page you'll find all the details on the courses and activities related to ski touring.

That being said, here are some baseline information to help you get an overview on this discipline, and hopefully take your first steps into it.

corso di scialpinismo Dolomiti Alpine Vibes

Ski touring can ben done by anyone who is healthy and generally fit as it's quite strenuous (especially in the beginning). You'll also need some previous experience on the slopes because starting off skiing directly off-pist makes it quite hard to understand the correct skiing technique. Off-pist skiing teaches you the "survival spirit" that is going to make you feel like you can ski down anywhere, but you must have acquired the correct skiing technique to practice it safely.

Here are some itineraries for absolute beginners.

On these itineriaries the avalanche risk is close to none as they include well-trodden forest paths. The descent follows the same path and is well indicated by signs.


Start: Camping Vidor, Pozza di Fassa

Positive elevation gain: 600 mt

Total time (one way): 2 hours


Start: Muncion, loc. di Pera di Fassa

Positive elevation gain: 500 mt

Total time (one way): 1h 30m

Here are some more easy itineraries not on forest tracks but where the avalance risk is still low (but present!!!).

These itineraries are on easy slopes where avalanche risk tends to be lowers than on steeper slopes. In addition, some of them go through the woods where the trees help dissipate avalance risks even further. It's still necessary to know how to evaluate the risk based on the snow condition and the weather report.

These itineraries follow the same path uphill and downhill however it's necessary to have good orientation skills, terrain knowledge and map reading skills as it won't suffice to follow the signs in order to reach the destination.


Luogo di partenza: Camping Vidor di Pozza di Fassa

Dislivello positivo: 800 metri

Total time (one way): 2h 30m


Start: Rifugio Flora Alpina sul S. Pellegrino

Positive elevation gain: 600 mt

Total time (one way): 3h


Start: Malga Vallazza verso il Valles

Positive elevation gain: 750 mt

Total time (one way): 3h


Start: Albergo ristorante La Baita, loc. Castello verso il Falzarego

Positive elevation gain: 600 mt

Total time (one way): 2h 30m


Start: Osteria del Termine sulla strada provinciale da Asiago a Trento

Positive elevation gain: 750 metri

Total time (one way): 2h 30m

With this selection we covered a wide geographical areas in order to have something for everyone. We've only covered general information, please refer to online or paper itineraries for all the details. We remain available for any questions or comments, you can contact us here.

corso di scialpinismo Dolomiti Alpine Vibes

have fun on your ski touring trips!

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