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scialpinismo dolomiti alpi corso

Ski touring


How beautiful is it to ski down white slopes, feeling all the turns in your legs and the speed thrill under your skin? Imagine experiencing all of that far away from the ski slopes, the ski lifts, and their chaos. It’s even more amazing...Trust us!


Ski touring will allow you to reach peaks and cols with the skis on your feet, climbing skins when going uphill or even in your backpack if the terrain gets too steep. And then, once you get to the top…Solitary descents on incredible slopes.


Upon request, we will accompany you up and down the summit of your dreams. We will study the best timing to find the best snow condition. Do not hesitate to contact us to organize a tailor-made program to reach your goal. 

Prices from 400 euros (to be divided amongst the participants). Some proposals are set out below, for detailed quotes write us HERE.

scialpinismo tofana di rozes dolomiti alpi discesa sci

Skiing descents from great Alpine summits, like Tofana di Rozes, Pelmo, Antelao and many others


scialpinismo traversata più giorni dolomiti alpi bacino d'Argentiere monte bianco

Ski touring trips of two or more days, sleeping in a hut or, for the adventurous ones, in a tent or a snowhole


corso avanzato scialpinismo dolomiti alpi


To deepen your ski mountaineering knowledge and improve your technical skills, self-rescue skills, and skiing techniques where you need to use crampons and a ice axe

sci ripido dolomiti alpi cosmique monte bianco aiguille du midi


The maximum expression of off-piste skiing, in a unique location where steep lines between the rocks connect the sky to the ground

corso base scialpinismo principiante dolomiti alpi


Introduction to ski touring: skinning and travel techniques (up/down), planning of an excursion, and self-rescue in case of an avalanche

ricerca in valanga neve artva pala sonda autosoccorso


Training on interpreting risk factors for an avalanche and the proper use of a transceiver, shovel, and probe

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