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Alpine Vibes

“We live our job as mountain guides with passion and dedication. Our goal is to make every day special and different from the one before and that’s why we give 100% during every experience from both a technical and a professional standpoint”.

Silvia Loreggian Chamonix Monte Bianco

Alpine Vibes was founded by Stefano Ragazzo and Silvia Loreggian, both mountain guides, climbing partners in the mountains and in life.


Alpine Vibes like to think against the tide as opposed to contemporary world tendencies which have numbed our sense of adventure and detached us from nature.


“We’ve decided to embrace life in the mountains. We live day in and day out hanging out on climbing walls, sleeping on small ledges or at base camps in our tiny tent while there’s a snowstorm outside. There are good times and hard times, but at the end of every adventure we bring back home some of the freedom the mountains represent, while playing the most gratifying sports activities such as wild nature exploring, climbing, and skiing all year round.

Experiencing the mountains with Alpine Vibes is not just ascending a peak but rather the making of a relationship between climbing partners and nature while sharing the emotions and sense of freedom that comes with it”.


Alpine Vibes offers a precious set of technical skills developed during

numerous ascents in the Alps and many expeditions all around the world. This background of experiences guarantees a customized service, flexible to the needs of different people, and devoted to satisfying their dreams while having fun and keeping safe.

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