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Silvia Loreggian su Fingers In A Lightsocket, Indian Creek.jpg

Silvia Loreggian

“You know that vibrant feeling…kind of vital? I feel it when I climb against gravity or when I stand up on a hard-earned summit.. And that’s the reason I keep doing it”.

Silvia Loreggian su Fingers In A Lightsocket, Indian Creek.jpg
20230821-Petit Clocher du Portalet - Etat de choc-9356-Enhanced-SR_BenTibbets
ph: Ben Tibbets

I was born in Padua in 1990 in a family who loves the mountains and made me discover this environment from the very first months of life, simply and naturally.

Among all the passions that I had during adolescence, two prevailed over the others: mountains and travelling. Still, I decided that I should pursue the academy first, so I got a degree in Geography and Tourism. Soon I realized that I suffered enclosed spaces and sedentary life.

Climbing, skiing, and big natural landscapes were how I wanted to spend my time, so I embraced my dream to become a Mountain Guide.

I now work in the Dolomites, in the Mont Blanc massif and all around the Alps. I share my life with Stefano tied to the same rope to follow vertical dreams along beautiful rock lines in the most remote areas of the world. In the last years we opened new routes in Nepal, Alaska and climbed some of the most famous big walls in Patagonia, Yosemite and in the Alps.

I love climbing in all its forms like crag, artificial walls, big walls, but I’m also thankful to the seasons for covering climbing walls in white and forcing me to take off the climbing shoes and put on skis which allow me to reach peaks, chutes and big glaciers that leave me speechless!

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