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Stefano Ragazzo

“Going to the mountains is like therapy for me. I think that everyone can find balance when surrounded by wild nature while also protecting this environment so that future generations can enjoy it too”.

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cadarese arrampicata in fessura

I was born in Padua in 1991 and unfortunately, except for some rare trekking experiences, I can’t brag about having lived my childhood in the mountains with parents who taught me how to ski or how to swing from a rope at a crag.


During my teenager years I found out that some crazy people enjoyed climbing on those rocky ridges that I’ve only seen passing by and that those same ridges would became the set for skiing activities when the snow covered them. 


This new world opened up for me little by little. I started with rock climbing, followed by ice climbing, alpinism in high mountains, ski touring, and in the end steep skiing.


Mountains took a central role in my life so I understood that becoming a mountain guide would have been my future. At 25, I decided to rip off the Band-Aid: I quit my job, passed the selection for the Mountain Guide School, and went for a climbing trip in Patagonia. 


When I came back from La Tierra del Fuego, my desire to grow and to go on more mountain adventures was even stronger so I loaded all my mountain gears in the car and left with my girlfriend, destination Chamonix.


During the two years of the Mountain Guide School, I lived in France where I could explore up and down Mont Blanc. Living in Chamonix, land of mountain guides and dreaming alpinists, has been a fundamental step in my life that I’ll always cherish for all that I’ve learnt and experience among those majestic red granite peaks and thin ridges. 


Today I spend my days along the Alps where I found a home for all my adventures in the Dolomites.


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